Saturday, October 20, 2007

Who KILLED Creativity

Its one of my favorite words: Creativity.

One reason might be because Creativity has always been the underdog. It never finds itself in a favorable position very easily, and often, in its anarchic state, good ideas are hard to come by. It lacks several things that others take for granted as a consequence of its environment.

Creativity, if you happen to read this. This one is for you; Lets start it off with kindergarten shall we? There is your paint brush, your canvass, and your inspiring colours. Go ahead Creativity, release you inner strength and shine. That's when you did your best. That when you could do no wrong. Don't you remember how useful you were in Kindergarten? That's when everyone loved you. You were the A+ student for drawing the house and the sun with a smiley face, but starting in Grade 1 you were slowly moved to the back of the class to make way for other favoured skills.

  • Conformity
  • Standardization
  • Specialization
  • Rigidity
  • Restriction
They are what caught the eyes of Mr. Priority, your grade 1 teacher. Your skills became under-utilized and left to doodle with basic arts and crafts. You were left to play with the A-B-C blocks and a blank piece of paper with a box of crayons, while the rest of the class went on to memorize mathematics and science.

Only later in life, between your trips to art therapy with the psychiatric patients and your commute home were you remembered for the need to conjure up business plans that would never see anything else but a recycle bin, if not the waste bucket. It's a shame what happened to you.

Its sad to see you in your worst form. You lash out against everyone and manipulate the truth to influence public opinion about various topics. Your true untapped talents remains dormant. I know you better. Don't listen to your friend, Frustration, he's never a good friend to have. He's keeping you back. You need help.

One day when you happen to be taking your stroll through the night, wake up and find that inspiration that will bring the best in you. I know you'll do great things one day. You can do it!

Be sure to watch this great 20min inspirational talk by one of the worlds greatest thinkers Sir Ken Robinson

Its funny and entertaining, and guaranteed to make you go "LOL!"

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