Friday, October 19, 2007

Ramblings…Unhinged Perhaps…Entertaining Definitely!

I was sitting at my desk wondering…what can I possibly write to entertain and stimulate your mind. Then I realised, that’s a question I’ll never have an answer for. Let’s get to the chase; you’re reading this blog because you are a. bored or b. stimulated by the secret world behind the human psyche. In order for this blog to work, we must communicate. I will blog and you will comment. If you want me to elaborate on anything in particular just ask!

So who are you? I mean the real you? Have you ever wondered how many faces you actually show in a day? I mean think about it, it is all an act. How many of you can actually say you are 100% real?? -- Your boss sees a different facet, your family and friends see a different side, and even YOU see a different person. It is very rare to meet someone who truly knows who he/she really is and lets others marvel at their beauty. I know we all have insecurities and doubts, but we must be true to ourselves. How you may ask?? The answer is simple; learn to listen to your inner voice and let yourself feel. In reality, you must find peace and quiet in our hectic lives, because only then will you really listen to your psyche.

We all wear masks to hide something. Why is Halloween so popular in our culture? Because, it allows us to dress up and act without restriction or limitation and feel safe doing so. Psychology is all about stripping layers and learning to let go. You will only enjoy something when you can truly let it go. Try this tomorrow -- When you wake up, take note of the face you put on and try to use that face for every situation you encounter that day… you will see how simple it makes enjoying life and having fun. Focusing on what really matters, as opposed to what society wants to see.

Well this was entertaining, till tomorrow I bid you adieu!
Now enough wasting time, being lazy - go do something productive like reading!!!


Khristoff said...

My friend tells me this all the time. Perhaps I should do this but then I would probably lose friends.

Dr Yorkette said...

If that was the case, they really arent your friends. If someone cant accept you for you then they really dont deserve to be in your life. U are unique and special in your own way, you have to let everyone see that, and actually show yourself.. or else you wont be giving yourself the justice you deserve. Think about it.... the outcome might actually surprise u...