Wednesday, October 17, 2007

1st POST!

So this is where I begin.

I didn't have to think long and hard for that first sentence. I might look back on it and think otherwise, but for now it seems like a good place to start. Why dawn on that first line? It's relatively important. Just google it as I did and you'll see all sorts of emotional ties with "first sentences"

Apparently some people feel really strongly about that first sentence. Have a look through this lengthy post:

I on the other hand don't see much importance in it, other than making a blog post about it :D (You can read into that last line as much as you want)

I'll stop here. So much for a first post, maybe next time I'll go into a bit more detail on my subject, but for now, not knowing how far of an audience I'll reach with this blog. This is a beginning, and that's all that matters.


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