Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Social psychology is such a piece of garbage

I'm here studying for my exam, and I've reached the social psychology section of the book and I'm feeling frustrated. Part of my frustration is that its 4:30am and part of my frustration is due to the my cognitive understanding that social psychology is full of words deranged to create theories that when unraveled, are nothing more than common sense or nothing more than latin derivatives of everyday normal understandings. In other words if social psychologists are using latin to describe their theories, and english is being used to describe their latin words to describe every day emotions and behaviours, then social psychologist are just like pigeons eating puke off of the sidewalk.

one such theory that triggered this post is this theory:
cognitive dissonance theory states that it is a psychological state that describes the uncomfortable feeling when a person begins to understand that something the person believes to be true is, in fact, not true.

so basically its a feeling. Its a feeling. This psychologist got a Ph.d to place a theory on an emotion.

watch how hard it is to do this. I'm making up a theory right now - its called the cognitive euphoria theory and it states that it is a psychological state that describes the feeling of happiness one feels when a person believes something pleasurable happened and it reinforces a cycle of happy feelings.

so basically you feel good because you feel good. Like OMG! I'M SO l33t!

if any
social psychology ph.d.ers out there are reading this...ha! if it were'nt for all those wonderful experiments with wonderful fundamental attribution errors, you'd have nothing!

and here's another social psychology term that should be renamed, its the called the chameleon effect. Its described as our behaviour to mimic, but guess what this already had name in my social circle and it didn't take someone with a ph.d. to come up with it either. It's called the "monkey see monkey do" effect and not the "chameleon effect".

what passes as education is truly laughable