Sunday, November 4, 2007

Want & Sex

SERIES 1 : Chapter 1 : Want & Sex

Do YOU know what it really means to WANT something or someone? According to Wikipedia --- "A want is something desired, distinct from a need which is something that is necessary. It's said that we have unlimited wants, but limited supplied resources. Thus, we can't have everything we want and must look for the best alternatives. This may be distressing to some people and may lead to depression which can be avoided if other people can give them their original wants so long as it's not a great burden on others. People usually carry the tendency to have a strong desire to obtain something. This desire, known as "want" has been established since the beginning of life. There is an often stated quote, "You always want what you can't have." It is meaning that after we have something, it is no longer a want, so we move onto the next 'want' on our list.

In the next series of journal entries I’m going to discuss "What Women Really Want" as well, what we really mean when say or do something. I have learned through social psychology, observation, male - female interaction just how diverse the mind works in both sexes. The first step is to understand that chemically men and women are built differently. Difference in hormones and Ph levels cause both genders to behave and think distinctively.
For example, a chocolate cake is placed on a table for observation. A man and a woman will both stare at the cake, but the information absorbed from both genders will be completely different. Even though they are both looking at the same cake, individually, their mind will produce different sensory responses to the visual (sight), olfactory (smell), salivary (taste) and sex glands. Chocolate is considered a psychoactive food associated to sex. I will discuss more in a later series.

My next series will be called, "What Is She Really Thinking..." It will be based on how women dress and where they choose to go and finally, what they are thinking when starring at you.
The signs are all there…all you have to do is pay attention to her body language, her articulation and the subtle hints that escape her mouth.

Women need communication to express their problems, men prefer resistance. Here is a perfect example: A study done by James Erskine, a psychologist, asked 134 undergraduates to either suppress or express their thoughts about eating chocolate for five minutes, then to help themselves to chocolates. The results are quite fascinating, because female subjects who thought about snacking ate five chocolates, but those who suppressed those thoughts ate eight chocolates. Can you guess the results for the males? Interestingly, male subjects ate more chocolates when told to express their thoughts about chocolate. I will discuss this in copious later on amongst conversational differences of sexes. Now imagine all the arguments this might have saved if women knew this about men!!

I'm going on a tangent, now replace chocolate with sex and summerize the results. Females are just as bad if not worse in this category as males are. The only difference because of social reasons females are not suppose to discuss sex... its creates the big "SLUT" factor to pop up. Read the next chapter, you might realise the hints women throw out about sex and attraction.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in my series ---- WHAT IS SHE REALLY THINKING!

Yours Truly,

Dr Yorkette

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