Saturday, November 10, 2007

3 Easy Steps to Get The Guy You Want

Relatively speaking getting a guy is easy, and this should be easy, but lets go through how to get the guy you want because it's always a fun topic to talk about

1) Are You His Type
Any average guy knows his likes and dislikes, and what he's looking for and not looking for, are all one and the same. That's why any girl that believes that all guys want her is just plain egotistical. All it takes is some alcohol, or a lack of options for him to decide "I'm going to talk to her" or whatever. So this is not the problem. Repeat after me: This is not a problem.

2) Are You Approachable
Do you have the basic down? Are you going out? No? Stop reading this and get off the computer and go to the mall or whatever.

Lets say for argument sake that you're not a slut. Now I know that you know this already. I assume it's common knowledge, but if you want the quick and cheap answer, the answer is easy. Drink up. Drink to the point that you don't reject anyone, because most girls when they complain about not meeting the right guy it's because they have so much baggage from previous relationships that they build up a wall to protect themselves from every guy...including the right one.

You don't believe me? Ask the majority of wives out there and they'll tell you that they weren't interested in their husband the first time he approached them. Convinced yet? I didn't think so. So I'll tell you the hard way. The hard way takes a lot of courage and it involves that you look at your own self and say...I'm taking this "I'm worth it" thing a little too far, I should give him a chance. No, I'm not saying go out and wear that push up bra and hooker boots with a short skirt and open your legs to everyone for a chance to meet Mr. Right. What I am saying is that you don't know what you want as much as you think you do. What you should do is to get to know a lot more guys without assuming that there is any pressure of sex, and if there is then say 'good bye'.

3) Reevaluate Your Needs
I think its time for an exercise. READY? Here it is.

Write down the top 5 things that you are looking for in a man.
*give yourself a minute to think about it*

  • Fun
  • Easy going
  • Someone I get along with
don't count as real answers by the way.
All done? Good. I'm sure #1 was easy and #2 was almost as easy, and you probably got as far as #3 but gave up at #4 and #5. Now time for the exercise. Scratch off #1 from the list...What do you have left? What you have left is nothing worth your time. My point? When looking for a guy, look for someone that satisfies your #1 need, and leave the rest to dating and send me an email with a picture of you and your next bf.

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Anonymous said...

You're simultaneously right and wrong. You're right. #1 was easy. You're wrong 'cause the only thing that comes to mind for #1 is a person, not a quality. #1 is not a quality because it is very difficult to put into words what it is you're looking for when you feel you have found a lot of it in one person. So what do you do when #1 is a person you can't have?

Anonymous said...

Nice post

Anonymous said...

veryy well said!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya it is me again the one that can’t spell! I am reading your blog again and I am noticing some of the same things over and over again! You’re giving advice! Now advice is good for your position and only your position! To brush off what has worked for you on to someone else is not truly realistic nor of value to me! I enjoy your blogs because it amuses me! But you need to make another disclaimer! This may work for one person but not another. All guys know what they want and at the same time most girls know what they want as well! You can’t be narrow minded and just look for what you want! You need to have an open mind! Each person has a different personality then another! Take them for who they are! Give them a try! Just never ever go in with baggage! Well that is advice but it is advice that doesn’t make you do a three step program!